What in..

What in pollination

What in standard deviation 
What in navigation

What in quotation

What in dehydration 

What in mistaken identification 

What in formation

What in anticipation

What in hand sanitation 

What in carbonation 

What in taxation without representation 

What in frustration

What in Condensation

What in pure imagination

What in wrongful assassintion 

What in salvation

What in hibernation 

What in linear equation

What in dundie nomination 

What in transfiguration 

What in boat law violation

What in oscar miscommunication

What in abomination

What in Emancipation Proclamation 

What in acceleration

What in narration

What in Bob Vance, Vance refrigeration

What in tarnizzle

loving the moon

she’s the moon and i love her so. 

the closest thing i ever got to a perfect friend.

every aspect of her was beautiful. 

the way her hair looked when she swayed to a song that hit her like an avalanche.

her perfectly different facial features that worked only for her and how they worked for her. 

her smile and her longing for her big dreams to become her reality.

i saw life punch her in the gut over and over again and i wish i could take at least one of the blows but all i can do is watch.

i saw her smile fade and her eyes found a new home and that was down cause the sun was blinding.

i remembered when she liked the way the sun looked. she told me it made her feel alive.

i see her look at herself like she’s never enough or maybe too much. i wish she didn’t.

i keep trying to tell her that she is the moon and how she’s out of this world but that doesn’t do anything. she wonders why she isn’t the stars.

she doesn’t realize that the moon is why i love her.

how to make me fall in love with you

so here’s what i was thinkin. you could fall in love with me. i know, crazy. but i honestly think we could make it happen.

here’s how:

sing with me. even if you flat out suck at singing, sing anyways.

make me laugh. and don’t be afraid of being foolish.

call me. or facetime me, even if it’s just to say hi, i think it’s better then texting.

dress well. and i mean, like, really good.

be a gentlemen. cause there’s honestly nothing more refreshing then a guy who is classy.

dance with me. good or weird or funny whatever.

have a good taste in music. and enjoy my music too

enjoy the outdoors. like hammocking, camping, hiking, etc.

like les mis. yeah..

take me on a date. it could even be a picnic in the park, i just wanna spend time with you.

watch movies with me and sit close to me.

believe in my dreams and i’ll believe in yours.

make me feel wanted. cause i’m sorta not used to it.

okay i’m gonna let that sink in. let me know what you think okay?

I’m just feeling low on fuel

I’m just feelin like it’s okay to be alone cause being alone is an easy option 

I’m just feelin like slow music matches my soul better.

I’m just feelin like I wanna go get a pizza for myself.

I’m just feelin like my covers and better than the warmth of the sun.

I’m just feelin off I guess..


And I don’t know, I’m just feelin like my pen is the only guidelines to where feeling nothing is valid.

I don’t even know if that made sense.

I’m just feelin like sleeping overall.

Sleeping is good cause you wake up happy every time and I just am feelin like that sounds nice.

I guess I’m just feeling low on fuel cause I’m not going anywhere particularly and it’s kinda makin me nervous just thinking about it.

I’m just thinking about how I don’t really know what I’m feelin and it’s driving me crazy and my eyes keep falling but it’s okay.